Vietnamese drinks

Many of Vietnamese drinks are specialties that travelers love to taste when they visit my country. 

First, let’s talk about Vietnamese coffee. It’s terrific to sip a cup of iced coffee mixed with condensed milk. It’s unforgettable savor to enjoy weasel coffee, a specialty of Vietnamese drinks.

Besides, visitors may also enjoy Vietnamese tea with local taste and preparation manner. The beverage can be served as in hot status or with ice, as a soft drink or a dessert.

Vietnamese tea

Vietnamese tea

Sugarcane juice is also great especially for summer days. It’s a popular and simply made drink and can easily be found on street stalls at just about VND10,000 (USD0.5) a cup.

How’s about milk? We have fresh milk brands like Vinamilk, Moc Chau, Dutch Lady, Ba Vi, TH True, etc. We usually don’t use milk in a big bottle, but in small boxes instead. Vietnamese adults don’t usually drink fresh milk, which’s mostly for children use.

If you are a beer fan, you’re likely want to try some local products such as Ha Noi Beer (popular in the north), and Sai Gon Beer (well-liked in the south). 

Besides, there’re of course popular global beer brands. Many of them are made in Vietnam such as Heineken, Tiger, etc. The others are imported, including Budweiser, Corona, Chimay, Leffe, Duvel, etc.

Regarding this kind of alcoholic liquid, it’s an interesting fact that Vietnam ranks the first in Southeast Asia and the third in Asia (after Japan and China) in beer consumption. We drink nearly three billion liters in 2012, which is equivalent to 32 liters per capita.

If you prefer a stronger alcoholic beverage, then Vietnamese wines are surely what you’re looking for. We have various types of wines:

  • Imported wines: Chivas, Johnnie Walker, Ballantine's, Hennessy, Remy Martin. One caution: there’re many fake foreign wines here, even in big restaurants. So, unless you’re a drinking savvy and can tell apart which one is real, you may drink these Western wines at a risk of harming your health.
  • Vietnamese wines such as Vodka Men, Vodka Hanoi
  • Local rice wines (rượu đế, quốc lủi): popular and suitable for all ordinary people.
  • Rice wines dipped with something like snakes, herbs, bear’s arms, etc. Vietnamese men love these types of beverage, which is deemed both tasteful and healthy.

Besides those common drinks, we still have a variety of desserts that additionally make eaters to feel more sufficient upon meals. I want to talk about desserts like: cakes, pudding, candy, sweet soup, jelly, yogurt, etc.

So what do you think about Vietnamese drinks? Any of them is your favorite? You may want to share your comments and photos here with me and other visitors. We’d love to hear from you! 

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