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Vietnam Charms is on Facebook! I embedded the page here. You can view all hot updates without having to leave this site.

Why should you like (follow) us on Facebook? Here are reasons:

  • I post my updates about Vietnam travel almost anywhere available with my Smartphone. So you can get updated too.
  • I’m adding a lot of photos regularly to Facebook Page (which I can’t do on my website), so that you can also enjoy with me.
  • Friends interact with me and one another about Vietnam travel. We invite you to join too.
  • You can talk to me, place questions, and share your snapshots from your travel in Vietnam or somewhere else. Let’s have some fun together!

It’s totally for your convenience and enjoyment. Just scroll through the posts below, and if you like what you see, click the Like button to follow the discussion.

To join the conversation on our Facebook page, simply click the thumbnail photo, or the link Vietnam Charms. It will drive you to our Facebook Page. Type what you want to say, and we hope to talk to you soon.

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