Ao dai –
Vietnamese charming costume

Have you ever seen a girl wearing Ao dai (pronounced aw zai), the Vietnamese traditional long dress? Do you see she looks prettier and more charming? Or, do you or your wife want to try it on?

I am a Vietnamese, and frankly, really inspired by the traditional costume that perfectly fit Vietnamese female body, especially young girls.

Ao dai
Vietnam girl in ao dai


Here are the words I want to talk about this dress: elegant, sensual, girly, charming, and certainly, beautiful.


Now it’s so popular in Vietnam society, and most commonly worn by women. They dress the traditional clothes in many occasions, such as:

  • Wearing school uniform (students)
  • Greeting customers (hotel receptionists)
  • Assisting passengers (air hostesses)
  • Performing on stage (singers)
  • Participating a beauty contest (contestants)

Men, mostly of older generations, only wear the clothes on ceremonial occasions such as: wedding, funeral, special cultural or foreign affair events. In below photo, you can see presidents of nations wearing the costumes in APEC Summit in 2006.

Men in Ao dai


Why it flatters wearers?

Traditional white Ao dai looks very demure. That feature brings the hidden charm of the costume, which appears very suitable with the characteristic of Eastern culture.

The costume is mostly custom-made. The bodice is tight with fitting tunic at the breast, waist, back. A line of buttons on the right covers you totally, yet it lets your body’s beautiful figures be seen and admired in such a feminine attractive way.

Even though the dress covers body well, it secretly flatters the wearer’s natural shape and curves, thus makes her more noticeably feminine, provocative and charming.  I like an interesting saying that Ao dai "covers everything, but hides nothing".

And I can say, it is hard to think of a more elegant, demure yet sexy outfit, which suits Vietnamese women of all ages than the Ao dai. It’s truly a real iconic symbol of the Vietnamese feminine beauty and a pride of Vietnamese people also.

Modern patterns

Now modified types of the long dress have appeared, but the traditional pattern is still preferred widely.

Besides, while the dress is originally designed to fit Vietnamese women’s slim body, it still looks great with Western women. Just take a look at pictures of 2010 Miss Earth contestants, you’ll see what I’m saying.


Don’t they look very elegant and charming in the Vietnamese traditional long dress? They really do.

It’s a little exaggerated to say every woman looks better with the long dress, yet it really is an invaluable gift to women, Eastern or Western.

If you are a woman, do you think it will fit you well? Why don’t you try it on yourself? I bet you’ll get surprised.

So, how do you think about the Vietnamese long dress? Or, have you ever tried it on? Does your culture have a traditional dress or clothes? Share your photos in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you! 

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